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SNO Light-Duty Cleaner (32 oz.)

SNO Light-Duty Cleaner (32 oz.)

SNO 14
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SNO Light Duty Cleans mirrors, windows, lighting, computer screens, cellphones & sunglasses. Clean jewelry, delicates, upholstery, dusting furniture & floors.
SNO is 100% plant based ingredients made from Citrus Extracts. SNO has no toxins no allergens, no hazardous chemicals, SNO is safe enough to use on all types of surfaces, and effectively cleans using an Organic, Biodegradable & sustainable product that is MADE IN USA.
Cleans mirrors, windows, glass lighting fixtures, shower stall, leave no streaks on computer screens, cell phones or windshields. Use SNO Light duty to soak and clean your jewelry, or delicate linens, silks and even on suede. Cleans up dust on furniture, wood table tops, don't forget your sunglasses. SNO light duty is ready to use for both indoor and outdoor cleaning, spray plants, use in the garden, clean glass doors and windows, camping gear, and all types of outdoor equipment. SNO is biodegradable and safe to pour down a drain or catch basin. Eco-Healthy and safe for the Environment.


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