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SNO Floors & Carpet Cleaner Concentrate

Mix & Measure:
Light Duty Mix-(1/2 to 1oz) per1 qt. (30 oz. water.) clean All types of Floors, Carpets, Hardwood & Rugs
Multipurpose Mix- (3/4 oz-1oz) Kitchen Tile or Ceramic floors, even in
Heavy Duty Mix-(1oz-2oz) to clean Bathrooms, Tubs, Tile, Shower, Toilets, Grout, leaving a fresh citrus scent.
Straight Use- Rust, Oil stains, remove gum. glue, tape residue, crayon scuff marks & much more.
SNO = Safe Natural Organics can be used for all Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning Made In USA
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100% Plant Based Ingredients Natures' Powerful Citrus Oils (D-Limonene) & Vegetable Extracts
Safe Natural Organics Green Cleaning Products NSF Approved and Registered Eco-Healthy, Extremely Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly, Yet Powerful to Outperform Chemical Equivalents Non Toxic, No Chemicals No perfumes, No dyes Safe for Pets, Children & the Elderly Made in USA.