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SNO Rx Fryer Clean Out - Safe Low Temp (72 oz.)

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SNO Clean Out Degreaser- Industrial Jobs Hospitality Kitchens & Restaurants. Eco-Healthy, Big Job like RVs, Boats, Outdoor Grills, Patio Furniture.
SNO A Natural Certified Organic Eco-healthy cleaner & Degreaser for Heavy Grease & Fryers with 2 oz. per gallon no need to boil No Chemicals for a Greener Environment. Indoor & Outdoor Cleaning Bio-Degradable. NSF Certified Ingredients.
Just in Time to Clean the Outdoor Grill! Green cleaner, Cleans those deep Fryers & Boil Outs( no boiling needed,) SNO safely penetrates burnt on grease and burnt on fryer oil from Grills,Ovens and other Cooking Areas. SNO, Sustainable & Biodegradable, use to clean out Drain Traps, and for Heavy Outdoor cleaning like Outdoor Kitchen Stations, Boats, RVS, Campers, Vehicles and Heavy Duty Equipment. SNO safely penetrates & removes Tar,Thick Oil Build up, Rubber Streaks and Mold or Mildew. SNO is Biodegradable and safe to pour down any drain. Made in USA.


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